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Hi There! We are back from our whirlwind adventure throughout Vietnam & Cambodia! As promised, I will highlight our favourite spots to eat & do my best to make it easy being vegan in a foreign land! To ensure this post isn’t too lengthy, I will only showcase the best of the best!


My absolute favourite thing about Vietnam & Cambodia was the wide range of juicy, colourful fruits! Due to the tropical climate, the fruit remains seasonal all year round and so refreshingly delicious on hot days.







PassionFruit Juice!


Taste The Rainbow!
How Could I Forget Coconut Juice? Delicious!


Print this guide off and take it with you everywhere you go! We found that a lot of Vietnamese don’t understand what vegan means, presuming it is the same as vegetarian so this guide allowed us to point to ‘No Egg & ‘No Dairy.’

I would also like to thank Happy Cow! If you don’t have the app, make sure you download it. With one tap, you can find all the vegan friendly restaurants in your area which is super handy when navigating uncharted territory.


Pho (pronounced ‘fur’) is a signature dish in Vietnam. It is typically made with bone broth but this particular vegan one at Pho 2000 is made from pure veggie goodness! You will find this restaurant near the Binh Thanh Market on the second floor of a coffee shop. The crackling on the top is fried bean curd which is incredibly tasty!


Hum Vegetarian is located right next to the . It is a hidden restaurant filled with lush plants & Buddha statues. The staff are incredibly accommodating & we ate insanely crispy Einzelbilder Spring Rolls & a Jicama/Mushroom Clay Pot (pics below)


Use a map! This place is hidden in a side alley but so adorable! Many many vegan options including my top meal in Vietnam which was Coconut Rice in an actual Coconut!


Mushrooms are used in almost every dish so I hope you like them! Bong Sung is another hidden restaurant but once you find it, it has stunning views over the balcony and private lounges. This is the Mushroom & Tofu ClayPot with Pepper Sauce!



Geckos are a chain restaurant in Hanoi. Once you find one of their many stores, flip to the very back page of their menus to find the vegan/vegetarian section. This mock chicken & vegetable curry was divine & very hearty!


We found Zenith Yoga II down a side alley. It is located upstairs in a peaceful yoga studio with lounges to relax. This beetroot & avocado burger was nothing like I’ve ever tasted!


As the name suggests, this restaurant is for backpackers so all the meals here were super cheap! The mock beef was beyond good & I appreciate the heart shaped rice!


Located on Hang Be St, Aubergine is run by a beautiful family who speak English really well and serve the best…Aubergine! This roasted eggplant was to die for, I seriously still can’t stop thinking about it!
All hail Morning Glory! We ordered this with most dishes & it is delicious leafy greens cooked in garlic!


Loving Hut is a vegan chain restaurant around the globe! There is one literally 15 mins drive from our apartment & we visited the one in San Francisco last year. It was no surprise that we sought out the Loving Hut in Hanoi & as usual we were not disappointed. These Fried Broccoli Bites with Tomato Sauce were the perfect snack!


Unfortunately we didn’t have a translated guide for Cambodia so I just used Google Translate & pointed to the following pictures on my phone which worked a treat! It really helped the flow of communication!



The Peace Cafe in Cambodia is located outdoors with a yoga studio upstairs. The inside of the cafe has an ‘Oxfam’ type shop where all proceeds go towards the development of Cambodia. I would highly recommend bringing insect spray as I was attacked by mosquitoes here! The food is delicious & light! This is my Pineapple & Chickpea Curry!


My favourite Einzelbilder Restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia! Chamkar offers pages & pages of unique dishes if you feel like a lot of the food is repetitive. This is the ‘Wedding Day Dip’ and it was divine! Peanut & Coconut Sauce with fresh loaves of bread & chilli’s to top. I would love to recreate this sauce back home if I can!
I sadly didn’t get to indulge in much dessert while I was here so I jumped at the chance when Chamkar offered a selection! This is Tapioca Pearls & Banana’s cooked in hot Coconut Milk! It was delicious and comes in a big bowl to share!
Room Service Anyone?


Taj Mahal is an all Indian Restaurant with a Vegetarian Menu! It was nice to eat some Indian food again & this dish was packed with Black Eye Bean Protein! Also try the Samosas!



We stayed at which is very near the Royal Palace. This is Braised Bamboo with Wheat Protein & Veggies! Yum! Yay Cambodia!


I fell in love with Taro Chips whilst overseas. They are much denser but better for you! They also have a slightly lilac colouring which makes them look kind of funky!
The Corn in Cambodia serves all main meals with black sticky rice which looks like chocolate! This Curry consists of Banana, Potato, Coconut Milk & Veggies. Amazing
My last meal in Phnom Penh, Cambodia was this Smoked Tofu Salad with Mint & Capsicum.


We ordered the Mock Chicken Wings & Mock Meatballs. Really crispy & delicious!

I hope you enjoyed the yummy & colourful variety of vegan foods we discovered. As a vegan, I don’t ever want travelling to discourage anybody. There is so much help out there including blogs like mine & Happy Cow! Anybody can eat at the first restaurant they see but it is much more adventurous to pick up a map & seek out plant based restaurants. We ate with Buddhist Monks & families. We walked down hidden alleys & discovered tropical cafes & yoga studios. Don’t be afraid to travel anywhere!

PEACE & LOVE! xoxox  


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