Copenhagen is a wonderful city with many things to see and explore – especially when it comes to food. Although Nordic, and especially Danish food traditions, are heavily based on both meat and dairy, the Danish capital today offers plenty of options for a plant eater. During the past few years the availability of plant-based food options has had a remarkable increase in already existing cafes and restaurants and new completely vegan places are popping up every year.

Writing a vegan food guide for Copenhagen has actually been easier for us to do now that we have left the city. Why, you might wonder? Because we can simply just list down all the places that we miss the most!

So here we go!

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The absolute nicest vegan ice cream in the world! We might actually have had an addiction to this while we lived in Copenhagen, so now you’re warned! We have tasted all the flavors repeatedly and have never walked away disappointed – on the contrary we always wanted to turn around and walk back in for more.

Nicecream ice cream is always based on bananas and/or coconut and here you can always be sure to get high quality food made with organic, fairtrade ingredients – no artificial flavouring, colouring or additives. You can visit Nicecream both on  by Skt. Hans Torv, where they only serve ice cream and popsicles and on  by Enghave Plads where they besides ice cream also serve bowls and lattes (and we understand they will also launch some warm food items for the winter).

Note: They have a coupon system via the app Stambz where you save up to a free scoop!


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Out of all the wonderful vegan cafes and restaurants in Copenhagen PLANT POWER FOOD is something a bit out of the usual. Not only is it the only cafe in Denmark serving whole food plant based food – meaning no processed ingredients are used such as sugar, wheat flour, oils or salt (neither in the desserts!) – they are also one of the few true food artists with both their dishes and the interior being beautifully decorated with a lot of thought and creativity.

The place, which is located in inner , is a light and modern space combined with elegant and consciously chosen elements: bamboo tables, raw clay porcelain and exotic plants and flowers which create a very cozy atmosphere. Once you have made your decision from the menu – which is quite hard by the way, as you probably want to taste everything at once – the food will be presented to you in such a beautifully decorated way that you probably will have to snap a picture before diving into it. And besides the visual aesthetics of the food, which is a reason in itself to visit, the food is also mind-blowingly delicious, very nutritious and healthy.

After eating at PLANT POWER FOOD you might find yourself wondering that if eating healthy can look and taste this amazing, why on earth would you ever eat junk again?!


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If you fancy what Instagrammers call “Buddha bowls”, this is definitely a place for you.

California Kitchen is located on both  by the inner lakes and on . You can pick and choose a bowl from the menu or mix your own with the always fresh and tasty ingredients. The atmosphere here is cozy with bright bohemian interior and in the summer time you can also choose to sit outside or to take your bowl with you to enjoy it besides the lakes or a nice park.

Our absolute favourite bowls are Mexicali and Teriyaki – both served with tofu.

They in addition have a food truck at  which is situated across the bridge by Nyhavn.


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Located nearby the cozy Skt. Hans square on  you will find the best vegan cakes in town.

Cafe Kaf is only partially plant-based (as they also serves dairy items), but that has not stood in the way of them winning a best vegan place award in 2017. This award is likely achieved from their immensely popular cake selection being displayed in a large glass montre, their popular brunch and lunch options and the fact that they every Wednesday offer deliciously fresh made vegan donuts.


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This is not just your average falafel place, but a real gourmet experience triggering all your taste and visual senses. Falafel Factory, located on  near the Assistens Cemetery, offers pita sandwiches, platters and salads. We always choose the falafel sandwich which is huge and definitely fills your stomach and leaves you very satisfied after finishing it (if you can).

Make sure to mention that you want the sandwich to be vegan, as the dressing has dairy in it. Instead of the dressing you can choose to have hummus, tahini dressing or a vegan pesto. Their chili sauce is quite spicy, so if you do not enjoy having a burning sensation in your mouth, then ask only a very little or any of it.


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Hot dogs are a Danish signature food. So much so, that the first thing you will smell when landing at the CPH Airport is sausages from the hot dog carts! As a plant eater, you do not want to buy your dog at the airport though, as they unfortunately only sell the pork version. But do not worry – if you head towards the heart of Nørrebro you will find PLANTEPØLSEN on the vibrant . They started earlier this year as a kickstarter project and today seem to thrive and receive great support from the local community.

Here you can get hot dogs just as you know them and in an even more delicious version, if you ask us!


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Located just next to the busy shopping street Købmagergade, the lively square Kultorvet and the very accessible Nørreport station, where all public transport – trains, metros and busses – stop, you find the cozy vegan cafe Yellow Rose on .
We have tasted several different meals here, which are all great, but nothing beats the brunch! If you look for a brunch with baked beans, scrambled tofu, BBQ mushrooms, waffles and more then this is the place to go. Apart from the brunches they also offer a range of sandwiches, (freak)shakes, amazing cakes and homemade kombucha.

Please note that their menu tends to change, so there is no guarantee that what you have heard others try will be there when you visit. What we can promise though is that everything on the menu is there for a reason, being that it is all very tasty and filling. Their motto is that there should be something for everyone.


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Do you believe in unicorns? Well after you have visited MATCHABAR you most likely will! Everything which is served here look like it is from a fairytale, and if that wasn’t a reason enough to pay a visit, it all tastes like a dream too.

MATCHABAR is located in  on a quiet side street to Istedgade. The interior is very cozy and trendy, creating a lovely atmosphere that makes you want to stay there forever. So grab your laptop or good book, and spend your afternoon relaxing here in true matcha heaven.


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What would life be without Italian cuisine? A lot less enjoyable, if you ask us! We, as the most of the people in the world, love pizza, pasta and lasagna – and becoming vegan never changed that.

So when MADE N ITALY opened its doors in the heart of Copenhagen on in Nyhavn, we were amongst the first standing in queue to get to taste their menu. And boy we enjoyed every single bite of the spaghetti and slice of pizza we were served that day. Bellissimo!


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There are not many places in Copenhagen (at least yet) where you can eat a finer, gourmet-like vegan 3 course-menu, other than URTEN. But that is also fine, as you definitely get value for your money here. URTEN, which is located in the very heart of Copenhagen in the corner of the cozy small streets of Studiestræde and , offers you a menu that varies per season. If you decide to have the 3-course-menu (which is very affordable, by the way) you can always choose between two or three different entres, main dishes and desserts.

When it comes to the interior it may not be the fanciest you have seen, but the atmosphere is really cozy with a home-like feeling to it. If you are visiting in the winter time, do remember to wear warm clothing as the windows in the old building unfortunately tends to let the cold in (according to our experiences, it may have changed since).


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On a cold and gray February day, this was the place where we had our very first date. Aww cute, right? 🙂 With that said, it is not the reason why we decided to recommend this place in our guide! Chao Viet earned their name on the list because of their vegan crispy tofu.

When Jenny first found this little and cozy vietnamese restaurant, on a small sidestreet called , which is a sidestreet to the main shopping street, Strøget, she ended up eating there 3 days in a row …(!) and that says a lot about the food.
Apart from their crispy tofu dishes, they also have phenomenal spring rolls and always fresh drinks which earns them a big thumbs up from us.


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A really cute little bohemian cafe located on  nearby the always busy Christianshavn metro station and Christiania which serves the tastiest, organic smoothie bowls and wraps. As soon as you walk in the door you feel like being transported from the hectic city to a lovely beach on a tropical island.

The food here is always beautifully decorated with edible flowers and fresh fruit, which only strengthens the beach sensation. The menu at THE ORGANIC BOHO is completely vegan, and they also serve an amazing brunch!

They in addition have a food truck at  which is situated across the bridge by Nyhavn.


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Situated in the bustling adjacent to Nørreport station Banana CPH has taken the soft serve market with storm. Starting out as an idea on Hawaii the people behind Banana CPH have now stepped up on the big food scene in Copenhagen with a recipe taking outset in fresh fruits and all natural and sugar-free ingredients showing that you can make amazing soft serve without using dairy and sugar!

How about topping your soft serve with some fresh berries or peanut butter? Banana CPH offers plenty of options and add to that they have a flair for creating a cozy atmosphere whilst making sure your taste palate leaves satisfied.


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This is the bakery of choice if you are looking for vegan bread and pastries.

Det Rene Brød (meaning The Clean Bread) has bakeries on  across Copenhagen, so there will always be one near you when your bread and/or pastry craving sets in. They have a variety of white/black breads, buns and a lot of pastries/danish which are vegan. Most will have a sign stating so, but you can always ask the person behind the counter as well to make sure. They are always friendly and helpful.

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These Hawaiian inspired poke bowls are some of our absolute favourite foods in Copenhagen.

Situated in two locations, in inner Nørrebro on  and close to the harbour pools at Islandsbrygge on , MAUI currently only have two vegan options on their menu and having tasted them both we choose to recommend the one called “number 8” with either quinoa or kale as base.

All the ingredients here are fresh, nutritious, tasty and filling.


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If you are like us and believe sushi is a great concept, but struggle to find a good sushi restaurant which can dish up a plant-based version, then seek no further. Sticks’n’Sushi has a chain of restaurants across (and outside the city too including the UK and Japan).
They will serve you the best sushi, without the fish, you can ask for and is our go-to restaurant. To make things simple they have a vegan section in their menu making it easy to know what is what.

Two of our favourite locations are the ones in Tivoli Food Hall and on top of Tivoli Hotel giving you a birds-eye view of the city. Be noted that due to their popularity it is advised to book a table well in advance (especially for Tivoli Hotel which can have month long waiting lists for the prime time hours).


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A few other places that we don’t visit often ourselves, but which are still highly recommendable:

Situated just next to Nørreport station and Torvehallerne.

Situated in the inner city on Larsbjørnsstræde.

Situated in Nørrebro on Jagtvej.

Situated in Østerbro on Blegdamsvej and Vesterbro on Viktoriagade.

Situated in Østerbro on Melchiors Plads and inner city on Nørre Farimagsgade.

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We hope that you liked this guide and will find it useful when planning your trip to – or already wandering the streets of – Copenhagen.

If you have any questions or back then please feel free to drop us a message. We would love to hear from you!

Cheers, Jen & Kris

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  1. Joël 6 months ago

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      You should definitely go, it is an amazing city ! 🙂

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    Beautiful photos!!! Those hot dogs look so delicious!!

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      They are amazing ! It is a brand new place / concept, so be sure to pop by and support them if you are around. 🙂

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