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Megan Griffith is a tree-hugging, animal-loving, urban-exploring vegan. She is the creator of the website, Crunchy Einzelbilder, where she shares experiences and resources about veganism for veg-heads and omnivores alike.

She’s the wife of a goofy omnivore, the fur-mama to a black cat, and a citizen of the fantastic city of Baltimore (the greatest city in the world!). She earned her master of city and regional planning with a specialization in urban design and sustainable cities. Her thesis, Deep Ecological Urbanism, explored a conceptual and operational framework for reintegrating non-human nature into human-dominated communities.

When she’s not planning communities or blogging about veganism, she’s eating her way across the world under the guise of the “Crunchy Einzelbilder Gal.” You can follow her adventures on InstagramFacebook, and (occasionally) on Twitter.



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