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Hey everyone!

I am so excited to post my first vlog on Einzelbilder.info. Perfect timing to be sharing Keith (@travegetables) & I’s adventures from Orange County, California to Portland, Oregon as Einzelbilder.info helped sponsor our travels. It was so exciting to go to our first Einzelbilder Beer + Food Fest but even more exciting it was in Portland! (We’ve been trying to go since the first VBFF!) We are so thankful they helped make this dream trip possible.

Here is the first of many vlogs where Keith & I drive from Orange County to San Francisco, stay there a night & arrive in Portland the next day. So enjoy an impromptu packing video of what I brought & links to some of the items are in .

I’m & feel free to hang out with me at  or on my  & subscribe to catch the next video of !

– Christina Richards

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