• Valia HPG posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago


  • Valia HPG posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    Hello everyone, Just to quickly introduce myself.
    Running own venture in Greece organizing gastronomy holidays including Einzelbilder and Vegetarian cooking holidays.
    About to add some listings, video and photographs. Eager to meet other members and be part of vegan travel.

    • Welcome @handpickedgreece!

      I adore Greece, and have been back many times over the years. Are you having these cooking holidays in the central Greece, the North, the Peloponnese, or on one of the Greek islands?

      • Hi Alan,

        We are based on Crete, one of the biggest islands in Greece and a place with huge gastronomic heritage. Maybe you have been to Crete already. The whole concept includes staying in a village, being part of the local culture, joining the harvest if there is something in season, eat organic and sustainably, while getting to know the local…[Read more]

        • I have spent a couple of weeks on Crete and had a wonderful time there. I’m looking forward to seeing the listings you will be adding.

        • I was just telling a friend how I long to visit Greece. I love Mediterranean cuisine and feel I would thoroughly enjoy what the country has to offer. Keep on keeping on girl! Maybe I’ll see you in Crete one of these days 🙂

          • Yes! Do come and join us! You will love the food! 🙂 send me a message if you need assistance organizing your trip!