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    Hey everyone! My name is Eleanor, I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand with my boyfriend George. We started our vegan travel adventure in 2015, spending fifteen months living in a van in Australia, a few weeks in Indonesia, a month in Nepal, three months in India and we just landed in Thailand three weeks ago.
    We’ve been making YouTube videos for a few months (Ethical Adventure, if you want to check us out!), mainly vlogs of our vegan travels, and we just started a blog to go alongside – ethicaladventure.com. Our first few posts are on there and we’ve got such a lovely response so far – which is so nice considering how rusty we both are with out writing! We’re planning to run it as a vegan travel and lifestyle resource, less of a “we did this, then we did this” and more of a topical, informative style – mainly covering travel but also health (physical, emotional and mental), fashion, and current vegan/ethical lifestyle events.
    We are spending the next few months exploring South East Asia and we have lists as long as our arms of posts we want to write! Any back so appreciated, this is such an amazing forum and shows just how widespread veganism is now – amazing!

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    • Thanks for your kind words Eleanor. Helping everyone understand how widespread, and “acceptable” veganism is, are a couple of our mutual goals. It sounds like you and George are having the adventure of a lifetime. You are going to absolutely love Thailand! We wish you all the best of adventures during your travels, and much success with your blog and channel.


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